Seiko Alpinst SARB17

Seiko Alpinst SARB17


The Green Seiko Alpinist

Just an amazing looking watch in my opinion. Looks much more expensive than the $425 asking price. It has the 6R15 movement. The 6R15 is a cousin of the bullet proof 7S26, but it can be hand wound and it hacks. The power reserve is rated at 50 hours vs. 40 the 7s26. Though, it is probably better than that. My 7S26’s usually get about 44 hours. This model comes on a dark, leather strap. It also has a compass feature like the Land Shark, but much less obtrusive. A 200m water resistance rating is nothing to sneeze at either. Dress looks with diver’s type water resistance.

This is my grail watch. Someday I will have this pretty.

It also comes in Black and White, but none are as stunning as the emerald green.

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