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I am not usually tempted by pocket watches, but recently I picked up a modern watch for my younger brother, so my interest was piqued.  So, on my last visit to my local antique store, I looked through the vintage bin.  When I opened up this little beauty of a watch, I was amazed at the condition.  I am not sure of the exact age, but, it is Swiss Made, Valgine, 17 jewels, Incabloc, and the dial is just flawless.

The front of the watch has a charming fisherman engraving  and is in very good condition.  The is no wear through visible on the plating and the embossing is deep and high quality.  The front cover pops open perfectly when the pendant is pressed.  If this watch was used, I don’t think was a daily wear watch. The inside of the front dial cover has a well executed tool pattern, a real one, not the stamped versions seen in modern, cheap pocket watches.  The dial is pure white with black roman numeral markers for 1 through 12 and small, red, Arabic markers for 13 through 24 hours.  The hands are very elegant and expertly cut.  The seconds hand is at the 6 o’clock position.  The crystal appears to be acrylic and has no scratches at all.

The rear of the watch has a floral pattern, and is expertly engraved as well.  Again, there is no wear through on the plating that is visible without a jeweler’s loupe.

The watch also came on a nice quality chain and traditional fob, not a belt clip.  A little dandy, but I am sure in a suit, you can pull it off.  The watch is about 44mm in diameter, so not too large, and smaller than what a lot of people wear on their wrists now!

The movement is a 17 jewel, Swiss made movement, shock protected, 18,000 bph,  and keeps excellent time.  The power reserve seems good as well, well over 32 hours.  I would guess that the watch was made in the 60, by how little wear there is.  I don’t think I will wear it much, but I am still glad I acquired this watch.  I have not been able to find out much about this brand, I assume they were one of the thousands of companies wiped out in the quartz revolution.


Case: 44mm diameter, gold plated.
Back: gold plated, snap back style.
Crystal: Acrylic, domed.
Movement: 17 jewel Swiss, Incabloc shock protection, 18,000 BPH.
Complications: Small seconds.
Other:   On 12″ watch chain, with fob.

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  1. Ed Bouman says:

    Your Fisherman Pocket watch is from the late 1970s. I bought one for my grandfather back in 1979, in Oshawa Ontario. When grandfather died the pocket watch was sent back from Holland where he lived, and I still have it to this day. My watch is sliver, not gold, but has all the same markings yours has.

  2. Ashley Cobb says:

    What’s the worth of this watch and when was it made?

  3. Sofia says:

    I have also a pocket fisherman watch and like to know it’s price

  4. Robin Morris says:

    I was looking for the value of a gold fisherman pocket watch. It Facing has a light blue ring around the Roman numerals. And has 17 jewels?

  5. Euclide says:

    My step dad has a Lucerne 17 jewels pocket watch(swiss made), has same fishermen picture as the one above, but when you open it, on the face of this watch is numerals, had a train below the two hands, the words 17 jewelry shock protected is below the numeral 12, and swiss made is on either side of the 6.

    I can’t find it online or google and I tried searching the old address by postal code,tried by what I think is to code for it (8800),and I tried through constructa watch ltd.

    I would like to know it’s worth, when it was originally made and how much it cost back when it was made. If you can help me, would sure appreciate it, thank you.It still works,no scratches or cracks on the glass and no outer damage either.

  6. K says:

    I bought one in 1986 at Jensen Jewlers!

  7. G says:

    Can someone please tell me if the back of this watch screws off or pops off … I have one and I don’t know how to open it … please help

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