Current Watch Collection

This is my current watch collection. Modest, but hopefully to grow:

My well loved Seiko SKH640 Kinetic, 5M62 movement. Keeps perfect time and has a classic look. Currently my most expensive watch.

Seiko 5 SNX425K2 Automatic, 7S26 movement. Love this watch so far. It is a mechanical, automatic watch. Very comfortable and the luminescence works great.

Seiko SNK615K1 Blue Swede Automatic, 7626B movement. Great watch and accurate right out of the gate. Excellent luminescence for a dressy watch.

Seiko Diver’s SKXA55K1 Automatic, 7S26 movement. My largest watch, by far. Super easy to read and very durable. The newest addition.

Tiffany’s Fossil. Really nice looking watch. Excellent bracelet, it looks like jewelery, but it is practical.

Tiffany’s Tag Heuer Link, WJF1315.BA0572E? ETA Quartz movement. Pretty watch, cool bracelet, worst luminescent material in the industry. Seiko’s LumiBrite makes Super Luminova look like a joke.

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  1. Hi. I just cam across your site & finally someone besides me that thinks Seiko watches are great, especially the automatics. I have what I think is the first attempt at an automatic watch that Seiko Made. I do not know this but usually the first attempts the watch was huge, really thick. My every day watch is this one. It has a plate in the back that screws on but it also has a plate in the front that screws on. The watch is 1/2″ thick, 1 1/4″ wide & & about 1 9/16 tall. It just says Seiko Automatic & at the very bottom where some watches say Swiss made it says in tiny letters 4225-00A4 R 2. On the back it says everything I said was on the front except it says 4225-00A0& in a little square box it says B 5. Oh ya, besides that it says Water Resistant St. Steel. At the bottom it has the #’s 330218. It runs great & keeps perfect time. It also has the original thick leather black band that says Seiko on it. Every dealer that I have sold watches to says: NO SEIKO.S!! & I just do not understand it. I think they are great watches. Is this one of the first automatic watches they made? About what year? Do you purchase Seiko watches? Is mine worth anything? Some of the other watches I am selling is a 1969 (I think) Bulova Sea King. Underneath the word sea king it has a whale & under that it says automatic.. On the back cast it says Bulove M9. Well before I put on dozens of watches, I will see if you are interested first. Thank you for your consideration. God bless Stephen.

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