Rubber Strap

Got an early Father’s Day gift, a new Italian made rubber strap for my Orange Bullet.

It has a really cool tire tread look to it and really compliments the watch. The original “Presidential” style bracelet is very nice, but the simple black gives the watch a sportier look. The original band is so nice, I put it on my Pepsi Seiko (I’ll post photos of that later.)

Another thing I really like about this band is the clasp. It is a deployment style with pushbuttons and a safety clasp. It also has three micro adjustment positions, a nice touch. Most rubber straps use a simple buckle design, which is easy to use, but the holes tend to oval out over the years. The brushed stainless finish is almost a perfect match for the head of the watch.

Overall, you can see it really works with the watch. A big plus is that it stays in place on the wrist as well. The original bracelet allowed it slide down and the crown guards tended to dig into my hand. Now, I put it on and it doesn’t wander all over the place. The rubber is very flexible and breathes surprisingly well.

So, if you are in the market for new watch band, try out some Italian rubber.

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Over 6 months of Automatic Goodness

It has been over six months now since I received an Automatic Seiko watch. I am pleased to say I am very happy with that watch, and all of my Automatics so far. They all keep better time than I expected, better than +/- 5 seconds a day, generally speaking. My first, the military style watch continues to get worn a lot. The super light weight and easy readability make it a “go to” watch. The crystal and case look perfect. The nylon band has some wear, but I think it actually adds to the practical look of the watch. This is a working man’s watch.

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Something for the Ladies…

I was visiting my parents’ over the weekend and my Mom’s watch battery died. She has been looking for a wind up watch, which, are quite rare in stores now. A good alternative is a Seiko 5. Luckily, Seiko has a nice selection of automatic watches for women, starting at about $80. They do cost more than a quartz, but you don’t have to worry about a battery and they should last at least 20 years. They also have the day/date feature, just like the men’s.

Here are a few examples:

Nice, clean looking watch. I like the bracelet on this one.


I like the waffle face on this one.

If gold is not your thing, there is always steel and midnight blue:

SYMD93k1 is this one.  Wide hands and markers.  Looks like a TAG Heuer without selling your first born.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the Seiko 5 ladies line. It is good to know more than men can collect automatic watches at a reasonable price.  They have all the same features, Automatic, Water Resistant, Day, Date, and Shock Proof.  They all also seem to have luminous hands and markers as well.

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