Vintage Timex 46159

Review Timex 46150 from 1973

As part of my expanding vintage watch collection, I have added a Timex Automatic watch from 1973. It has a nice mid seventies look to it, complete with pillow shaped case and abstract styling. The dial is a gray metallic with ‘H’ shaped markers with a splash of red on the cross part of the ‘H’. It has no day feature. The hands are stick with a wide, easy to see black stripe going down the center of the hour and minute hands. The case is 34mm diameter without and 36mm diameter with the crown, but it looks larger than it is due to the pillow shaped case. The lugs are 19mm. Movement wise, it is an ordinary 31 movement from 1973. Automatic with hand winding, no date. The power reserve is quite impressive so far, with lasting over 2 days in the watch box before stopping. This indicates a movement in very good shape, since it is accurate and has a long reserve. When movements need service they will run fast (counter-intuitively) and have poor power reserve.

Overall, I am very happy with this watch. It is attractive and contemporary looking without having too much seventies funk. The watch was probably worn rarely, since the crown has little wear and the watch is in overall excellent shape, with no wear through on the plating. I currently have it on a military style nylon strap, which brings a little more color and character to the watch.


Case: 34mm, base metal with chrome plating.

Back: Stainless, Marked Water Resistant, Self-Winding, Dust Resistant,CHR plate over base metal.

Crystal: Acrylic with a light dome.

Movement: Automatic with hand winding, Timex no-jewel pin lever escapement. Caliber 32, 18000 BPH.

Complications: None.

Other: Currently on nylon band.

2 Responses to Vintage Timex 46159

  1. Roger Kee says:

    I have the exact watch,got It about 2weeks ago on eBay. Don’t know much about it except that it is running smoothly. Bought it as a part’s watch for 10.00 plus shipping. I think it is a 73 military Great Britain watch, not sure,can you fill me in on what you know? Thanks

    • admin says:

      I don’t know that much about it as well. Picked it up for $10 years ago at a local antique store.
      I had to really buff out the acrylic crystal and it runs well at all. From opening it up, I know it is no jewel Timex from 1973, a pin lever movement 32. Timex was one of the first global corporations, they build where you get the best quality for the money. What I do know about this watch is that people want it, I have been offered $100 for it! I really do enjoy this piece, and it sits in my watch box next to an Omega.

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