De Luxe, Diver’s Style

Lucerne De Luxe Diver’s Style

Picked this watch with 2 others as part of my ongoing vintage watch collecting.  It looks like an 70’s style ‘Diver’s’ watch.  It in no way is actually a diver’s watch, since it is not waterproof.  It has a very easy to read dial with huge, luminous markers and hands.  The case is submariner style with a modern 37mm diameter and 18mm lugs.  The plating over the base metal is in excellent shape.  I had to buff out some pretty deep scratches in the crystal and refresh the markers on the bezel, but overall, it is in pretty good shape.  The wear adds some character to the watch as well.  The crown is large and easy to turn.  Accuracy is acceptable, running about +30 a day.

The Lucerne has a 1 (one) jewel Swiss movement, the Baumgartner 866 aka BFG 866. Apparently these were very popular movements for fashion watches back in the 60’s and 70’s that wanted to say Swiss Movement, but wanted to keep the cost down. It is a low beat, pin lever with a single jewel on the balance wheel. The photo above is not my actual movement, but looking inside revealed the exact same movement and a name Basis ZZ. Don’t know what that means, but that is what it was stamped. It was also immaculate, which is pretty remarkable the watch is only dustproof.

Overall, I think I got a great deal and good beater watch with unique looks.  It is a very easy watch to read, and with only one jewel, pretty much shock proof.  I enjoyed

Case: 37mm, base metal with nickel plate? Dustproof.
Back: Stainless Steel, screw on, Marked Stainless, Dustproof.
Crystal: Acrylic, minimally domed.
Movement: Hand wind,  1 Jewel, Baumgartner 866 aka BFG 866, unbreakable mainspring, 18000 BPH.
Complications: Date, rotating bezel.
Other: Currently on leather band, luminous hands and markers.

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