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Review Timex Blue Dial Vintage


As part of my expanding vintage watch collection, I have added a Timex hand-wound watch watch. Not sure what year, but it looks like it is from the early to mid 1970’s. If I ever open up the watch, I will update this review. It has a very clean look, with a simple case, identical to my Mickey Mouse watch, which is also from the early 70’s. . The dial is a deep blue with a hint on purple. There are block Arabic numerals at the hours, with no chapter ring or minute markers. The dial is simply marked TIMEX, nothing more. The hands are stark white sticks and are very easy to see against the dial. The case is 34mm diameter without and 36mm diameter with the crown, and wears quite small. It is chrome plated over base metal. This watch would be considered a ‘mid-size’ now. The lugs are 18mm. Movement wise, it is an ordinary 22 movement hand wound only, no date. The watch starts instantly when wound and has good power reserve and accuracy.


The crown is unsigned, which is to be expected. This watch was probably worn very little, there is no brassing on the chrome plate for the crown, showing it was rarely wound. The crystal is domed acrylic and was in perfect shape when I purchased the watch, another indicator that the watch was worn little. Blue_Dial_Back

The case back is a simple, snap on type, stainless steel. Simply marked TIMEX, CRM PL BASE METAL BEZEL, STAINLESS STEEL BACK. The watch came on its original, plastic band, very clean. If this watch was worn more that 50 times before me, I would be shocked. I put is on a nylon Zulu band, which I think compliments the dial well and makes it wear a little bigger. The original plastic band was unwearable, at least to me.

I am very happy with this watch, super simple and easy to read. My only complaints would be no date and no luminous material on the dial.



Case: 34mm, base metal with chrome plating.


Crystal: Acrylic with a light dome.

Movement: Hand winding only, Timex no-jewel pin lever escapement. Caliber 22, 18000 BPH.

Complications: None.

Other: Currently on Zulu nylon band.

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