Vintage TIMEX 37316, 1979

TIMEX 37316 from 1979


Here is a rare item in my collection, an all Stainless Steel TIMEX automatic, from 1979.  This watch was made just before TIMEX started transitioning all of its watches to quartz in the early 1980’s.  It is a shame, really, TIMEX was very good at making reliable, accurate, and durable pin-lever automatics.  This particular watch is nice step up from a typical TIMEX, since it has an all stainless case, as opposed to plated base metal.

The dial is a pale blue with stick hands.  The second hand is jet black and stands out well against the dial.  The hour markers are applied, mirrored rectangles with a lume pip just inside the bezel.  The hands are also lumed, but, the lume is almost totally dead after 33 years.  The dial design is fairly clean, with just Timex Automatic and Water Resistant on the dial.  The watch also has a large day and date display, making it a very practical daily timepiece.  The crystal appears to be lightly domed acrylic, but it may be glass, since there are no scratches on it.

The case is a modern 40mm diameter with 20mm lugs.  The shape has some 70’s influence, but it is very modern looking for a 33 year old watch.   At the lugs, there is no need for end pieces, it was designed for strait ends or straps.  The sides of the case have a high polish and where the end pieces would be are brushed steel.  The tooling marks are very even and have a higher level of finish.  The crown is unsigned, but easy to use and hand-wind.  The case back is screw down, which is a nice touch.  The movement is probably typical TIMEX pin-lever, but I have not opened up the case to find out.  If it works and keeps good time, I leave well enough alone.

This particular watch is on the original TIMEX stainless steel folded metal bracelet.  It was pretty grimy when I got it, but it cleaned  up beautifully and has minimal band stretch.  I also really like the signed TIMEX clasp.  Speaking of the clasp,  it has eight micro adjustment holes!  This is great because I didn’t need to resize the bracelet by removing any links, just had to move it to the proper sizing hole.  The clasp works well and is very secure feeling, even without a flip safety clasp.

Overall, this is a solid, modern watch that keeps good time and stands out just enough, but doesn’t scream at you.  The watch has held up very well, even though it had signs of being a daily wear watch for a few years.  I don’t wear this one as often as I should, and writing the review has prompted me into getting this dependable timepiece into my normal rotation.


Case: 40mm, stainless steel, 20mm lugs.

Back: Stainless screw down, Marked Water Resistant, Automatic, Stainless Steel.

Crystal: Acrylic? with a light dome.

Movement: Automatic with hand winding, Timex no-jewel pin lever escapement. Caliber 32? 18000 BPH.

Complications: Day, Date.

Other: Currently on original stainless bracelet.


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