Practical Watch Repairing, de Carle

Title: Practical Watch Repairing

Author: Donald de Carle, Illustrated by: E.A.Ayres

ISBN:978-1-60239-357-8 © 2008

Don’t be fooled by the copyright date, this book was originally written in the mid 60’s.  That being said, it is probably the best written book on mechanical watch repair.  It was written with starting your own watch repair business in mind, but that’s ok.  He goes through every tool you will ever need and even how to make parts from scratch!  This may be shocking to owners of throw away watches, but a mechanical watch can ALWAYS be repaired. (The only limiting factor is cost.)  This book is written well, but if you are not fascinated by watches, it will bore you to tears.  If you are a watch lover, it is a great way to learn a lot about how watches work.  Hey, someday when passing through a flea market, you may even pick up a beaten watch to repair, this book will show you how.  It is extensively illustrated with line drawings.  An illiterate person can learn how to repair a watch, that is how many illustrations there are!  There are tons of tips and tricks.  I wonder how many watchmakers started out reading this book?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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