Goodbye little Timex

I had to part with my old Timex Expedition.  The wear through on the plating made the watch react with my skin and unwearable.  The last time I wore it, my skin broke out around where the crown and lugs came in contact with my skin.  Whatever ‘base metal’ is, my skin chemistry does not agree with it.   As as tribute to the designers, it was still mostly working when retired it.  Still told time and the Indiglo worked.  The hacking feature did not work anymore and the quickset date was almost non functional as well.  The leather band is now on the Speedmaster, they both have 20mm lugs.  It was a simple watch for a simpler time of my life.  As a happy note, I asked for and will be receiving a white/cream faced watch for Christmas.  All I know is that is a Seiko and an Automatic.  Check back in a little less than two months to see what I got.  I am sure it will be a fine replacement for this tired workhorse.  In the end, it is just a piece of machinery that could no longer be used for its original purpose.  From now on, all of my watches are all stainless or titanium.

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Affordable Mechanicals in a Store Near You!

In this day and age of affordable, reliable quarz watches, why would you want to wear a mechanical?  Because they are cool!  Before Seiko came out with the the Astron in 1969, nearly all watches were mechanical, with a few electrics and tuning fork watches.  Seiko and the quartz revolution changed everything.  Mechanical watches have made quite a comeback lately, as people realize no matter how neat quartz watches are, a mechanical has properties that an electronic watch does not have.  Sadly, most mechanical watches are only sold online or very expensive.  Here are a few you can go to the local mall and pick up without breaking the bank:

Tommy Hilfiger:

There about a dozen or so automatic models available from Hilfiger.  I have tried a few on.  Decent quality, they have a 10 year warranty.  They tend to run a little thick for my tastes, and the open front is something people love or hate.  I think it was pretty tastefully done, in this case.  About $125 5o $135.  Available only at Macy’s.


It may surprise some that Swatch makes automatics, but they do own many high end brands which do, and own ETA.   For this season, there are few for sale and they tend to be open faced like the one above.  It looks cool, but it makes it very hard to read the face.  It is Swiss made and should be reliable.  This steel cased one is $175, but I have seen them as low as $125.  I am sure the spring collection will have more.   Your best best is to visit a Swatch store, but other retailers do sell Swatch watches.


Fossil currently has 30 aut-o-matics for sale right now.  They tend to run very large, over 47mm in some cases.  If you like living large, they are the watch for you.  If you have small wrists, buy a Seiko online 🙂

Can be found at Fossil stores or many other retailers.  Prices are usually around $175 and they have a 11 year warranty.

That’s the roundup for now.  There are more out the and I will add to this list the next time I take a trip to the mall.

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Cream Faced Wish List

Here is a list of cream, white, or full lume faced watches that I like:

Seiko 5 Sports SNZE85K1

A Seiko 5 Sport SNZE85K1.  A really nice looking watch that is not too big (40mm), has a 22mm lug width, so it can share bands with my other divers,  and has two neat features I like.  The face is luminescent and it has a compass bezel!  It is a very rugged looking watch and I love the hands.  It also comes on a solid link bracelet, which is a nice touch.  A little pricey at $160 shipped, but it is a new favorite of mine.

Orient CEV09001W:

An Orient CEV09001W dress watch.  40mm in diameter, not too large.  Clean, dressy look, with some of my favorite hands.  I like the full day of the week.  Less than $90 shipped on ebay.

Seiko 5 SNK645



It’s a Seiko 5 SNK645.  I love the cool face and interesting case design.  The bracelet is also pretty cool looking as well, but it can be swapped for leather as well.  Less than $70, shipped on e-bay.  It does have the occasional US seller as well, so this watch will be going on my short list.

Seiko SCVS001

A beautiful dress watch from Japan, the SCVS001.  Clean, simple lines with a cream face and gold markers and hands.  Sapphire crystal and 6R15 hacking, hand winding movement, the same as the Alpinsit.  $314 from


A Seiko 5 SNKE57K1.  Nice, clean watch with luminescent markers and numerals.  37.5mm diameter, similar to most Seiko 5’s.  The hand design is very nice as well.  Folded link bracelet, but it can be swapped for leather.  I like the look of the bracelet, looks like an Omega Seamaster bracelet to me.   Less than $75 on ebay, shipped.


Another Seiko 5, the SNK797K1.  Another full lume face, 37.5mm diameter.  Clean looknig watch, but the hands are little plain for me.  Less than $80 on ebay, shipped.


Yet another Seiko 5, a SNK803K2, lume faced ‘flieger’ or pilots watch.  Similar looks to my green 5, but a little larger at 38mm with very distinctive hands and face.  About $80, shipped, from a domestic seller on eBay.

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