BIg Bird Redux

Went to my favorite watch store and got the crystal replaced on Big Bird.


It is a huge improvement and it didn’t cost much as well.  The watchmaker was kind enough to let me take a look at the movment.  It is a jeweled movement with Incabloc on the balance pivots, EB SA.  Super clean with no rust.  The face is really white looking now, I am very happy with how it turned out.

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Poor Man’s Marinemaster

Seiko makes some of the best diving watches in the world.  At the top of their line is the Marinemaster:


It is an amazing looking watch. It also costs $2,200. Well, I do love a nice watch, but I like eating as well. For about $550, you can get this one:

As you can see, a very close match, but still over $500, which is my psychological limit.  The Sumo is a pretty watch.
Finally, you have this guy:

snzf17k1-a snzf17k1-b

Finally we have the SNZF17K1.  A Seiko 5 sports.  Overall, very similar looking to its more expensive cousins.  The second hand is different along with the bezel. It is not a true diver, just 100M water resistance.  On a solid, steel bracelet, it is a little over 150.  On rubber, it is about $120.  Quite a steal compared to the real thing.

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Childhood Watch

When I was a little boy, I wore a watch like this:


It’s a cute, boys, mechanical watch. Swiss made by Bradley. I spotted this at an antique store and had to pick it up. It has some cracks in the crystal, but it does not effect the watch operation. It is a handwind and keeps great time so far. No claim on jewel count, so it is probably a pin lever watch. Nothing wrong with that, it makes them very shock resistant, which is great for kids. I just couldn’t say no to it.
Eventually, when Glenn respects things, I will let him wear it. It is on a 16mm band (the plastic original) but that can easily be swapped for leather or nylon. Every time I look it it makes me smile. I wish it photographed better, it looks nicer in real life.

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Pretty Seiko Watches

Here are some Seiko watches that I like, but are a little out of my desired price point.  They are all between $300 to $600. Peanuts compared to luxury watches, but more than I like paying.


The SEIKO Prospex 200M Diver 6R15 Automatic SBDC001.  Also known as the Sumo.  $540 of fun.  Large 44mm diameter case, solid link bracelet with solid end links.  It also has the new 6R15 movement, which hacks and handwinds.  Looks a hell of a lot like a Marine Master at 1/4 the price.  Reviews from owners say that it is just as nice or better build quality as an Omega Seamaster or Rolex Submariner.  It also comes in blue.


The SBPP001.  A brand new chronograph by Seiko’s power design division.  40mm diameter and looks as good or better than a Speedmaster.  This is the quartz version, there is also an Automatic version.  $450 for the quartz, $2382 for the Automatic.

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On wrist accuracy

Been seeing how accurate my watches are on the wrist.  So far I have:

Orient, -1 second after 6 hours, so about -4 seconds a day.

Seiko Green Military, +4 seconds after 6 hours, +16 seconds a day.

Seiko 5 Black PVD, 0 after 6 hours, dead on.

Seiko Kinetic, 0 after 6 hours, dead on.

Seiko 5 Blue, +2 seconds after 6 hours, +8 seconds a day.

As I accumulate more, I will add what the accuracy is.  I am using a digital stopwatch over 6 hours to see how far each watch is drifting under normal wearing.

All of the mechanicals are well withing their rated specifications, which are +30/-15 a day.

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Father and Son

I didn’t realized until recently how closely Glenn’s (our Son) watch looked like one of mine watches.

On the NATO strap, the resemblence is striking.  Glenn’s watch is on a ‘fast wrap’ nylon band, which can shrink down to his toddler wrists.  He is defineatly left handed, he wants to wear the watch on his right wrist.

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