Crazy Wants

You would think that with over 20 watches in my collection, I would have almost every type of watch out there.  In order of wanting, this is what remains on my wish list:

Seiko Alpinst SARB17


The Green Seiko Alpinist

Just an amazing looking watch in my opinion. Looks much more expensive than the $500 asking price. It has the 6R15 movement. The 6R15 is a cousin of the bullet proof 7S26, but it can be hand wound and it hacks. The power reserve is rated at 50 hours vs. 40 the 7s26. Though, it is probably better than that. My 7S26′s usually get about 44 hours. This model comes on a dark, leather strap. It also has a compass feature like the Land Shark, but much less obtrusive. A 200m water resistance rating is nothing to sneeze at either. Dress looks with diver’s type water resistance.

This is my grail watch. Someday I will have this pretty.

It also comes in Black and White, but none are as stunning as the emerald green.

Marathon SAR Automatic with Tritium tubes:

The Marathon Search and Rescue Automatic.  Probably the most hard core tool watch ever made.  Designed for the US and Canadian military.  Meets military specifications for divers and weapons fire.  Plus, it looks bad ass.  The US versions are hard to come by, since they are built in lots for the military.  This is the Canadian version, which is legal to own and order.  Inside beats a Swiss Made 2824 automatic movement.  It is 300M/1000Ft water resistant with Tritium tubes for luminous material.  The case is a reasonable 41.1mm, so not giant, and actually smaller than several of my watches. It should glow for at least 10 years with no exposure to light.  Gotta love the radioactive symbol on the dial.  It isn’t decorative, it is to warn operators to dispose of it properly as nuclear waste.  About $650.

Men’s Uzi® Protector Nylon Strap Tritium Watch Black:

The poor man’s version of a Marathon SAR. Quartz, but very tough, with a stainless steel case. About the same size at 42mm and has Tritium tube markers.  200M water resistance means it makes a great camping and outdoors watch.   Nice, rugged look, and only costs $80 on amazon.  Glow guaranteed for 25 years.

Seiko 6138 based Chronograph:

This is the Seiko 6138-8020 Chronograph.  Possibly the best chronograph movement from the 1970’s.  In several ways, the 6138 is a better movement than the Valjoux 7750.  It is a true column wheel, vertical clutch movement.  What the heck does that mean?  The chronograph is fully integrated into the movement, not an add on module, like most movements.  The 6138 is also Day and Date, and has a bidirectional winding system, that all Seiko’s have and the 7750 lacks.   It is also a very handsome watch, with a 40mm stainless case and super easy to read hands and layout.   About $200 to $300 on eBay.

Riki AAAA101

Riki Watanabe is one of the most famous industrial designers in Japan.  He worked with Seiko/ALBA (yet another division of Seiko) to create this watch:  It’s the Riki AAAA101.   The lines are so simple, yet elegant.  It is also powered by Seiko’s 7S26m which really makes it a very fancy Seiko 5.  Modern, but not too big 37.5mm across.  It is modeled after Riki’s industrial clock designs, with rectangular hands and easy to see across a room markers.  It also comes in black and a rose gold face.  About $200.

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