Dakota Watches

While Tiffany (the wifey) was getting her ring cleaned, I took a quick look at some Dakota watches at the Dakota Watch kiosk.

All of the watches are quartz (with 3 exceptions) but the quality seems pretty decent for the money.  I tried on this one:


It’s more a less a tactical watch.  It has black ion plating over stainless steel.  It has a pleasing matte finish and a surprisingly decent rotating bezel.  The tachymeter on the chapter ring is a little pointless, but it does not hurt the look of the watch.  Classic Mercedes hands actually work on the smaller face.  It comes on a nylon band and the whole package was $49.95 – 30%, so about $35.  The quality seems quite a bit better than a comparable Timex or Armitron in the same price range.  I was not able to test the lume, which is very important in a ‘tactical’ style watch.  It would make a great beater watch.

I also took a look at a submariner clone, but I have not found it on Dakota’s web site.  It did not have a rotating bezel, which was a big disappointment coming from the nice tactical watch above.  They also sold 3 different mechanical pocket watches, all of which were less than $50, after discount.  They also have an amazing amount of clip watches.  I don’t care for them, but some people just don’t like having a watch on their wrist for personal or allergenic reasons.  So, if you at a mall, check out Dakota.  They claim to use Miyota movements, so quality should be decent.  However, if anyone out there has a Dakota, let me know how they stand up to the rigors of daily use.

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The opposite of my site

For an interesting watch blog to read, head over to a blog to read.com.

I swear, there is not a watch on there less than $2,000.  His ‘bargain’ watches are well over $1,000.  So, like I said, it is the opposite of this site.  I love watches, but I love staying married and having a nice home, so you won’t see watches I own over $500 on this site.

That all being said, the site is attractive, well written, and very entertaining.  You can drool over ‘timepieces’ you can never afford.  I really like the photos that compare a watch to something else, like an aircraft or automobile.


Looking at Ariel’s site more, I do see quite a few watches he personally owns are less than $500, and he has pretty similar tastes to my own in terms of what he actually wears.  (Except for the digitals, never did like them ,even in the 80’s.)  All I can say is I wish I could try on some of those watches that he reviews.

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