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For an interesting watch blog to read, head over to a blog to

I swear, there is not a watch on there less than $2,000.  His ‘bargain’ watches are well over $1,000.  So, like I said, it is the opposite of this site.  I love watches, but I love staying married and having a nice home, so you won’t see watches I own over $500 on this site.

That all being said, the site is attractive, well written, and very entertaining.  You can drool over ‘timepieces’ you can never afford.  I really like the photos that compare a watch to something else, like an aircraft or automobile.


Looking at Ariel’s site more, I do see quite a few watches he personally owns are less than $500, and he has pretty similar tastes to my own in terms of what he actually wears.  (Except for the digitals, never did like them ,even in the 80’s.)  All I can say is I wish I could try on some of those watches that he reviews.

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2 Responses to The opposite of my site

  1. Ariel Adams says:

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the comment. That is sweet of you. Actually I do talk about watches that are under $2000 a lot of the time. In my watch reviews section I split between over and under $500 watch reviews. I am a working guy like you, so I must be mindful of prices – but I am fortunate to be able and experience a lot of wonderful high-end timepieces and talk about them. Take care!

  2. Dave the watch phreak. says:

    I didn’t expect to get a comment from you, Ariel, on this little watch site. I wish I had the opportunity to look at some of the pieces you review. I do frequent the many high end retailer in the area, but they tend to be a little vanilla in their selections. I find myself reading your blog every day now, there are some amazing pieces on there.

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