Timex Weekender, Pac-Man, 7/14/2021

Pac-Man Being Chased by Pinky

Timex Pac-Man watch.

I almost never make an impulse buy with a watch and rarely buy quartz watches as well, but how could I refuse this combination of retro gaming with an analog watch?

Pac Fun

How could you say no? I am glad I snapped this up as quickly as I did, it was sold out in about 2 days! This is a Timex Weekender. All Weekenders share a very similar case and design.

The dial is just fantastic, with a Pac-Man maze clearly printed on the dial with all 4 ghost monsters, Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde. The hour markers are power pellets and the minute markers are regular dots. The hour markers use a 1980’s font, nice touch Timex. The hour and minute hands are simple sticks with luminous material. Then there is the second hand, with Pac-Man himself moving around the dial. The watch dial is Indiglo, Timex’s electroluminecent material, so when you press the crown in, it illuminates the maze and Arabic hour marks đŸ™‚ There is no date, but I don’t think any weekenders have a date feature

Typical Weekender

The rest of the watch is pretty typical Timex weekender, with one exception I will get into later. The crystal is mineral glass and flat, with no separate bezel. The case is base metal, probably brass, with a stainless steel back. The crown is small, at the 3 O’clock position, and does not screw down. This is also typical, you don’t need to use the crown much on a quartz watch. The lugs are a standard 20mm, which ever other Men’s weekender has had for 20+ years. The curve down, so even at 38mm, the round case wears pretty small. As I alluded to before, the case back is not a typical weekender. Etched in is TIMEX with Pac-Man, two blue ghost monsters, and two sets of ghost eyes, and finally the Pac-Man logo. So much went into this humble watch. The other boring stuff is on the back as well, Model M904, Stainless Back, Water Resistant to 30M and the typical CR2016 battery. It does have a serial number, which is also atypical of a Timex. The band is a very flexible genuine leather in a glossy black. At 20mm, super easy to replace when the day comes. The movement is a Timex, goodness know the number, I am sure they crank out tens of millions out of Philippines like they have for the last 35+ years.

Unhappy Ghost Monsters
Signed Buckle

As you can tell, I am very happy with this impulse buy. It is fun, practical, and affordable. I just wish I bought 2 of them, so I could keep one minty. For a watch that uses so many off the shelf components, it still feels special and I have zero regrets.

Case: 38mm diameter, base metal, 30M water resistance.
Back: Stainless Steel, snap on.
Crystal: Mineral Glass, flat.
Movement: Quartz, Timex calibre currently unknown.
Complications: None
Other: Indiglo, press in crown activated.

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