Watch strap ideas

Here are some possible combinations for watches that I own.

That watch:

My Seiko “Pepsi”.  It is a Rolex Submariner inspired watch, so it should look great on a NATO “Bond, James Bond” strap:

This is the traditional Black and Grey version.  There is also a red striped version as well:

I think it would bring out the red of the Bezel.  About $20 on eBay or web retailers.  The Pepsi is a 22mm lug width watch, so it is pretty common.

The next watch, my Orange Bullet, currently on Italian Leather with deployant clasp:

Lets start simple, genuine Seiko Diver’s strap:

Hard to see in the photo, but the end tang has the Seiko Tsunami stamped into it.  Rated to 200 meters with pressure venting.  $24.95 on Amazon.  22mm, so it can also fit the “Pepsi”.

How bout some Carbon Fiber?

Pretty cool look, would go well with the Orange Bullet or Pepsi.  About $20 on ebay.

The next watch, my first Automatic, my Seiko Green Military, currently on the original nylon strap:

For this one, something wild, a Bund strap:

What the heck is a bund?  Well, it is a watch strap design the German’s came up with in WWII.  It keeps the metal of the watch from directly touching the skin.  As always, it is shown with a Submariner attached.  So, it would work with the Pepsi or my Green Seiko.  Though, the little green Seiko is only 18mm lugs.   Goes from $20 to $45 depending on the color and quality of leather.

That’s it for now, I am still looking for something for the Two Tone  Kinetic and Speedmaster.

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  1. daanish a k says:

    hi i would like to get one bund strap for my watch, how can i order from qatar please let me know. thanks a lot.

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