Simple watch

In case I don’t get this as a gift, I like the SNK789 Seiko 5. I have it on my master list, but I found on eBay, if you get it with a metal bracelet instead of leather, it is less than $70 shipped!


I still think it would make a great replacement for my white Timex. It looks like I can even steal the new leather band I have on the Timex! It does have a few advantages over my old Expedition, it is an automatic, has hardlex instead of acrylic crystal and it is made of stainless steel instead of ‘base metal.’ The styling is similar. Strait hands, white face, and red second hand.

Though it has served me well, the exposed base metal does make me itch when I wear it. Must be brass or something with high nickel content.

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4 Responses to Simple watch

  1. farghmee says:

    i just bought a new seiko 5, yet i don’t know it’s model.
    it is a 7s26b engine. i would like to know how can i figure out the model.
    i bought this watch out of fascination. the blue face is matched with stainless steel body seems to be very simple&stylish. it cost me around RM220 or USD$69.
    btw, ur blog is nice & very informative đŸ™‚

  2. Dave the watch phreak. says:

    It can be hard to figure out a model number. All Seiko’s have a case number engraved on the back, for yours it will be 7S26 0000 where 0000 is the case number. Unfortunately, several models can share the case number. Type that case number into google and see what you come up with. You could always browse until you see your model. The sell hundreds of different styles.
    Thanks for the compliments, I am sure you will love your 5.

  3. farghmee says:

    i’ve found out the model to be snke51k1. hahaha..”SNKE” is a “SNaKE”? :p
    last night, i’ve shown this watch to my girlfriend. she looked at the shiny blue face of the watch and amazed with the swinging movement inside it. fondly she said “can i have it?” i said “nope, maybe i’ll buy u one” đŸ™‚

  4. Dave the watch phreak. says:

    Blue Watch
    That’s a nice looking watch, I like the fine tick marks on the face. I am wearing my blue watch today. They do make ladies Seiko 5 as well. Though, the way watch sizes are trending, most women can get away with wearing a 37mm ‘traditional’ sized watch.

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