Watch lover’s nightmare

In the last 6 months or so, Oakbrook Center Mall (in Illinois) went from being a watch lover’s mecca to almost a desert.

They have lost, in order:

  • Bailey Banks & Biddle
  • Swatch company store
  • Movado company store
  • Mont Blanc company store

Bailey Banks and Biddle went out of business earlier this year.  Swatch and Mont Blanc closed these two under-performing stores, and Movado closed all of their boutiques, except for New York and outlet stores.  It’s really sad, since three of these stores were located in a row!  Now, all that is left is Rodger’s and Holland (bleech service, but good watches), C.D. Peacock (Rolex, Panerai, and Cartier), and Macy’s (High and low end watches, craptastic customer service).  Also, there is Michael Hill (quartz as far as the eye can see) and Sears (it’s a Sears.)  I think I miss the Swatch store the most, the prices were reasonable and the watches were interesting and Swiss made.  Overall, there is a lot less to look at, watch lover wise, in Oakbrook.  I guess I will have to head downtown to get my high end watch fix.

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One Response to Watch lover’s nightmare

  1. Tiff says:


    Poor husband. Again, these stores remain a luxury, so that’s why they’re gone.

    lol – “It’s a Sears”.

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