Watch band ideas

Even though we have decided to not buy anything permanent this month, Christmas is coming and I wanted to got some ideas down for watch bands that I like:

For my 22mm divers (Orange bullet, Pepsi, and Full Lume compass):


This is something different, a mesh bracelet.  About $19+8 shipping on eBay.  They look pretty comfortable and rugged at the same time.  I’ll have to try one on in the store, though.


Nothing too out of the ordinary on this one, it is a ‘super oyster’ bracelet by Seiko.  It has all solid links and would make a great replacement for the cheap, folded link bracelet for my Pepsi watch or look great on my Orange Bullet.  $29.99+8 shipping on eBay.


A bold, orange NATO strap for my Orange bullet.  $9.99+3 shipping on eBay.   Comes in many colors as well.  I already have a black one, but I like bold orange as well.  It would also work with the cream faced compass Seiko.

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