Planned obsolescence

I was at Target today (not our normal one) and I went past the jewelery counter with a sign that says they will no longer offer watch battery replacements or watch band swaps.  Wow, way to go to save the earth.  Every watch there is a quartz watch that will certainly outlive its battery and probably outlive its original band.  So, what do you do when either wears out?  Toss your $10 to $50 investment, I guess.  They used to sell watches close to $100, but no more.  Now I know why.  I don’t know if this is chain wide, or just this particular Target.

I know another problem my Mom has is with a few of her quartz watches she can no longer get batteries for.  This is one of the main reasons I switched to automatic watches.  Now, if she ever wants to use those watches again, she will have to a real watchmaker to get the battery replaced.  In all probability, it will cost a good percentage of the value of the watch.  Something else to add to a landfill.

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