Dave’s Home for Wayward Wristwatches

Picked up two new-to-me watches, one is a fine, high beat Waltham, hand wound watch:

It is a surprisingly clean watch, with a 8 bps movement (28,800 BPH) that keeps great time.  I have not even polished the crystal.  Just removed some dirt and put it on a metal bracelet.

My second find (which was free, since I am a ‘good’ customer) is a Seiko Quartz watch from 1990.  It was in pretty sorry shape when I got it:

Pretty sad looking for a watch which probably cost about $100 new, just 20 years ago!  Well, here is where Brasso and some hard work come into play!

After about 10 minutes of polishing and cleaning, this is the result.  There are still a few scratches, and there are a few small cracks, but now it is a usable watch again.  It also has a stainless steel case, so it is a perfect replacement for my base metal Timex beater.  It will be a beater, but what a beater.  Super clean design for the face and hands, with Day and Date, and best of all, it is a Seiko.

In case you were wondering, “Home for Wayward Wristwatches” was not my idea, I have to thank Ricky Lee on the Poor Man’s Watch Forum.  He did inspire me to rescue some really trashed watches.

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