Watch Review, Seiko SQ Quartz, 1990

This is one of my latest finds (which was free, since I am a ‘good’ customer) is a Seiko Quartz watch from 1990.  It was in pretty sorry shape when I got it:

Pretty sad looking for a watch which probably cost about $100 new, just 20 years ago!  Well, here is where Brasso and some hard work come into play!

After about 10 minutes of polishing and cleaning, this is the result.  There are still a few scratches, and there are a few small cracks, but now it is a usable watch again.  It also has a stainless steel case, so it is a perfect replacement for my base metal Timex beater. The case is all stainless steel with a flat crystal.

It will be a beater, but what a beater.  Super clean design for the face and hands, with Day and Date, and best of all, it is a Seiko.  I put it on a Timex expedition, leather band.

Case: 39mm, stainless steel, water resistant.
Back: Stainless Steel, screw on, Seiko serial number made August, 1990.
Crystal: Acrylic, flat.
Movement: Battery operated quartz, SQ series 5Y23, made in Japan, Seiko in house movement.
Complications: Day and Date.
Other: Leather band, aftermarket.  18mm lugs.

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8 Responses to Watch Review, Seiko SQ Quartz, 1990

  1. Larry Shaffer says:

    I own the same type of watch (minor differences) that was given as a gift. It is missing the battery, and back. I would like to restore it. Your assistance would be appreciated.

  2. Mfeijo says:

    Battery is a 391 eveready. Back is seiko 8123-6060

  3. emy says:

    I own a Seiko quartz watch similar to this but shows only the date not the day. I tried to search over the internet but I am not able to locate the date of production…how can i be sure that is even original?Thanks for any answer

  4. admin says:

    The date of production is really easy to tell with Seiko, as long as you have a general idea of what decade it was made in. Seiko serial number are, for all watches two digit Year, Month, Sequential. All Seiko SQ series were made in the mid 80’s to early 90’s. The watch above has a serial number of 07XXXX. Made in July, 1990.

  5. Dan Hokstad says:

    Hi there, I own a Seiko Quartz SQ watch (#034226 and another smaller #8222-7009) – but, it was given to me as a gift in the 70s. How can that be, if – as you write – that they were all made in the 80s and 90s?

  6. Luis Castro says:

    What year is the gold tone case SQ Seiko with the brown strap because I have the very same one. 5H23-7B09. Serial number is 5D1424. Thank you so much

    • admin says:

      Yours would be a 1985 or 1995, December. Seiko Serial Numbers are year, month, sequential. 5=1985 or 1995, D=December.

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